Best Real Estate Leads in 2022

Best Real Estate Leads in 2022

Purchasing real estate leads from a lead-generating service is a quick and easy approach to access or develop lists of potential clients and generate cash right now. This makes it a particularly cost-effective alternative for a new agent. But services may also be used to enhance referrals and other organic lead generation strategies. To find the top eight lead-generating sites where agents may buy real estate leads, we looked at their strengths, shortcomings, prices, and ideal users.


For new agents wanting to develop their business, this is the best source of paid leads. BoldLeads’ hands-off, set-it-and-forget-it strategy for buying leads is great for an agent who is just getting started and wants to catch as many possibilities as possible without being too picky about the quality of their leads.

BoldLeads’ free coaching is also a wonderful option for new agents who don’t have access to training through their brokerage or team. Some claim that in the early stages of obtaining leads, sellers did not instantly advertise their homes, needing a prolonged nurturing period before seeing any results.

Zillow Premier Agent

The Zillow Premier Agent (ZPA) platform is ideal for agents who want to concentrate on representing purchasers, particularly those with greater budgets and excellent follow-up skills. Zillow operates a large network of real estate listing websites that receive millions of monthly visitors.

Agents that join the ZPA program get exposure on all of their real estate websites, including Trulia and StreetEasy. The price of ZPA is determined by the ZIP code you select, the typical home price in your area, and your budget.

The more expensive the ZIP code, the more expensive the home, and your contact information will appear on a set percentage of listings depending on your budget.

Because you’re competing against a lot of agents because of the cost structure, if you get a lead, you should follow up right away because they may have contacted numerous agents in a short amount of time.

Market Leader

Market Leader has been in business since 1999 and has a wealth of experience in generating leads for real estate agents. Several distinct tactics are used by the platform to produce leads. The website, for example, collects potential seller leads and offers pay-per-click advertising campaigns to attract traffic to your website.

Some consumers desire Market Leader’s CRM to be integrated with Facebook and social media leads and have an auto-responder for new leads to help with engagement. Market Leader is not a good choice for clients that want a platform that integrates with social media.


REDX offers a wide range of real estate leads, including for sale by owner (FSBO), pre-foreclosure, GeoLeads, expired, and for rent by owner (FRBO). The pre-foreclosure leads given by REDX might help agents that specialize in foreclosures or have experience with foreclosure deals. Keep in mind that the nature of these leads necessitates the usage of a real estate agent with prior expertise prospecting for business over the phone.

According to customer feedback, REDX might improve by ensuring that every property on the expired lead list contains owner information, and they would like their platform to be able to track total lead activity. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated platform with lead oversight, REDX might not be the best option.


Regentology is a new referral service with a lot more features than its competitors. It’s a next-generation, all-in-one real estate referral service designed exclusively for realtors.

They deliver geo-targeted, double-verified leads with the complete budget, timetable, and location information, as well as other details. You no longer have to worry about producing authentic leads because they will take care of it for you.

A small sign-up fee is charged by the company. The nice part is that you get this amount back after you close your first deal. As a result, agents have no qualms about paying the initial sign-up fee. Every agent will receive 4-6 real estate leads each month from this referral organization.

They treat all of their realtors equally, with no preference for more experienced agents. They will present you with the same prospects whether you have been working in this sector for years or have just received your license.

This company charges a 25% referral fee on all deals that are closed but do not charge for individual leads. This appears to be a fair deal, given the benefits provided by the company.

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